Sunday, November 19, 2006

Petrified wood doesn't burn.

The recent torrential rains here in Houston really churned up the local streams and rivers. The waters have receeded quite a bit so that means fossil hunting on gravel bars! Saturday was stunningly beautiful so Clark and I took Miniwether and the Clarkettes down to Panther Creek. All afternoon we played along the water collecting pretty rocks, digging in the sand, tossing sticks in the water and generally having a great time doing nothing productive. Paradise! We came home with our pockets full of petrified wood but no other fossils. I'm still hoping to find a nice shark's tooth there someday.

Saturday night I sent the family to bed then headed to the backyard for some fire therapy. Dancing flames, cedar smoke, and nine hours of Celtic music (mp3 players are THE BEST!!) makes for a wonderfully blissful night. I brought my sleeping bag and slept next to the fire. The actual plans was to watch the Leonids meteor shower but everything was so peaceful that I drifted off. I woke up around 1am but a fog had formed blocking out the stars.

I went back to sleep.

Adventure! Excitement! Boring for you, awesome for me!

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