Monday, November 27, 2006

More on the Amazing Box o' Stuff

There's been a suprisingly large amount of interest in my Amazing Box o' Stuff. People have e-mailed me wanting to know what are it's dimensions, what all is in it, and will I post pictures of me in the nude next to it...

Sometimes the internet can be a very disturbing place.

Okay, no nude shots of me with the box (unless a large amount of money comes my way) but the other requests seemed reasonable. Without further ado, here be the Amazing Box o' Stuff! Click on the pictures to bring up larger views.

Here is the church:
Flat on its back, excluding the feet made of 2"x4"s, it's exterior dimensions are 34.5" long, 17.5" wide and 14.5" deep. It is made out of 3/4" plywood which I sanded and coated witha polyurethane varnish to make it weather resistant. it is held closed by a stainless steel which allows me to lock it while away from the camp. The thick manila rope is used as a handle when carrying the Amazing Box o' Stuff.

Here is its steeple:
Set up right getting ready for action. You can see the outer ("back") shelf in its stored/locked position. It is held closed with an "L" shaped hook. I have no idea how big the shelf is other than being 14" wide.

Open the church and here are the people:
Starting top shelf from left: Hatchet and tent stake mallet hanging from a hook. Behind them is a roll of paper towels. Next to hatchet/mallet are two Plexiglass wine goblets and a stainless steel camp mug. Then comes three heavy-duty plastic 'True-Latch" brand boxes (purchased from Gander Mountain fishing department). The contents of these three boxes will be detailed below. next to the boxes is a large cast iron frying pan wrapped in paper towels.
Lower shelf from left: A large, cast iron grill (hard to see in picture), then 24" marshmallow/hotdog roasting forks, black enamel camp coffee pot containing cylinder of propane, then another cylinder of propane. Just below the propane is a travel mug with lid. Below the the coffee pot and travel mug are an assortment of pots ranging from 1/2 quart up to 6 quarts. Below those pots are two more frying pans, one aluminum and the other blue enamel. A f-qt mixing bowl also stays with the assorted pots but I took it out so you could see the pots better. The pots are very vain and want everyone to have a clear look at them. Silly pots.
Last is the Coleman model 424 duel fuel stove. I also purchased this converter which allows me to use propane in this stove making it a tri-fuel stove. Sweet!

The shelf is 18.5" from the bottom floor of the box giving me about 1" of space between the shelf and the Coleman stove. The shelf is 13" deep on the right side and only 10" on the left. This allows me to store extra long stuff in the box.

The three plastic boxes (sorry, the children's rhyme stopped being funny to me):
Upper left: rope, Stanely "Snake light", assorted lighters, carbiners, trashbags, first aid guide, handles for grill, assorted other useful thingies.
Upper right: Cooking utensils, measuring cups, cutting board, tongs, pot lifters, wine knife, churchkey, and silverware.
Lower: Chain for back shelf, potholders, camp soap, small bottle of bleach, scrubbing pad, more lighters, heavy duty aluminum foil, assorted seasonings, cooking oil, matches and a cookbook.

Back shelf and paper towel holder:
The chain starts on the shelf's right hook, goes up through an "S" hook on the latch, down to the left hook, then under the shelf and through the paper towel tube back to the right hook. I think this is the coolest part of the Amazing Box o' Stuff.

It is much easier to move the Amazing Box o' Stuff if you have two people but I can manage it be myself. Originally I thought the whole thing weighed around 50 lbs. However it turns out it is more like 80+ pounds. Apparently carrying Miniwether for six blocks every night has made me stronger. Sweet!

Okay, that's a detailed look at and in the Amazing Box o' Stuff. Feel free to contact me for more information on it but remember, nude shots will cost you $$$$!

Adventure! Excitment! ABoS!

p.s. I forgot, there is also a large pair of leather "fireplace" gloves in th Amazing Box o' Stuff. I also plan on adding a Coleman propane lantern and a small shovel.


J. David Boyd said...

I probably speak for all of us when I say that I would be willing to spend $$$ to make certain that there are no nude shots of you here in your blog! :->

texasmufflerman said...

Nice Box. Extra nice that it is photos of inanimate objects only! I have seen the box in person but never paid too much attention to it. Next time, I will have to take a closer look.