Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kids and monsters

For some reason Miniwether has been pretending to be frightend a lot lately. A partial list of things she said scared her:
1. The green light on a smoke detector
2. a sunbeam
3. a booger (somewhat understandable, it was a very gross booger)
4. the smell of me cooking lunch
5. the letter "d"

On the other hand, here is some things that recently excited her:
1. the really big toad she caught.
2. slugs
3. a cow
4. a fake bleeding skull
5. anywhere dark

I don't understand it.

However, this topic did make a good excuse to bring up a cool book:
Matey and the Bogeyman!
I think the cover alone makes it worthwhile.

Adventure! Ecitement! Brave girl!

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