Sunday, November 12, 2006

Amazing Box o' Stuff

It was another on of those weekends NOT spent adventuring. True, Miniwether and I did get out to Mercer Arboretum & Botanical Gardens but while beautiful, it's not really an adventure to me. Miniwether had a different opinion of the morning and would shout out, "Hey look! They are adventurers just like us!". That got us a lot of strange looks but I got used to such looks decades ago. I've been an adventurer for a long, long time.

Adventure Girl!

The little spare time I had this weekend was spent finishing up my Amazing Box o' Stuff. Okay, this consisted of adding a small latch to the back/bottom shelf to keep it in place when the Amazing Box o' Stuf is sitting down. I also took these pictures of it so you can see just why it's called the Amazing Box o' Stuff.

Closed, looking fairly ordinary.
The rope works as a handle and it's also useful for knocking stuff out of trees like frisbees, apples or really annoying squirrels.

The Amazing Box o' Stuff starts showing why it is so named when you set it up on one end.
Not the shelf folded and latched down. The latch is very small.

And now, the amazing parts!
The side flips up and over to become a work surface, the shelf flips down to become, well, a shelf but with the added abillity to hang a roll of paper towels from it.

A view of the inside while still packed.
It holds my Colman tri-fuel stove, assorted pots, pans, cooking utensils, and useful other things (hatchet, fire-gloves, tent-stake mallet, flashlights, grill, etc...)

And even when completely packed I can easily lift it and carry it 10-20 feet.

Adventure! Excitement! Amazing Box o' Stuff!


Ursula said...

Brilliant! Is this your own design? We used to do SCA, and it was always crazy packing the cook gear, and creating a set up. Same with general camping.

Merriwether the Adventurer said...


It is my own design though I spent a lot of time pouring over different plans on the internet. There are some incredible camp/cook boxes out there but they all required a lot more skill and tools to make than I had.

The box itself held a peice of lab equipment we recently received. I replaced the top "worksurface/lid" with a new peice of plywood, added hinges, the shelves (inside and out), the 2x4 legs and several coats of polyurethane/varnish to make it weatherproof.

What you can't see are all the holes I had to patch and piles of scrape wood I made as I built and re-built this thing trying to work out the bugs. You still have to be careful where you set things in/on it. If you set the wrong, heavy thing out at the end of the worksurface you can tip the whole box over. :-(

Still, I'm very happy with the results and it got a lot of compliments at the Texas RenFest. Someday I'll rebuild it though with a thinner plywood. The box originally held a 150 lb cast-iron pump and was over designed for that.

Anonymous said...

Nice box. Call I see more pictures, especially how the roll of paper towels hang and how the inside is organized?