Wednesday, November 01, 2006

40% success rate!!

Girl: I love this house.
Candyman: So do I. That's why I killed the owner and took it.
Girl: Oh...

-Me to a trick-or-treater.

Ah, Halloween. It's like putting Christmas and Easter in a box then smashing into it with a car! What's not to love?

As usual, my goal was to have the scariest house in the neighborhood and it seems I was more successful than ever. Counting out the window and comparing notes with my neighbors it seems 40% of the kids refused to come up to house. One kid made it all the way on to the porch before chickening out and running back to his parents so I don't count him as a skipper. Several groups sent just the oldest/bravest kid up to get candy for everyone and in other cases parents dragged their screaming kids to the door. Gee, nice parenting technique there, eh? Still it warms my heart when people tell me they look forward to our house every year. They get extra candy!

So, to get a taste here are the pictures. The first ones are pretty much just for my friends and family in far off places. After the cute stuff is out of the way to uglies will follow...

Carving pumpkins.


Missewether only does cute, even on Halloween. She carved our family on the pumpkin (which is better than carving pumpkins on her family, eh?) You can't see it, but a long, thin line connects the family of three to a heart and then the line continues to the back of the pumpkin to a second small child.

Fairies ready to go.

Again, too much sugar.

The Clarkettes and Miniwether.

And now, let's get scary!

At Halloween I replace the inside lights with green lights to give the house that other-world glow.

The front door.
You can't see the strobe lights, skulls impaled on a dead tree, the demon in another tree, the black tentcles that reach out for people, the severed hand, the brain in a basket or the zombie.

So, here's the zombie. He's not wearing pants.

Basket o' bones!

Why playing in a large plastic bag is a bad idea.

Big Ugly, 7 feet of skull, claws and guaze!

And yet at bedtime Miniwether gives me a kiss and heads to bed for sweet dreams.

Bones! Blood! Screams!

p.s. Still no word from China.

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