Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh, uh hello.

"For skin and solid surfaces, cured foam must be mechanically removed or allowed to wear off in time."
Warning on can of Great Stuff spray foam.

So, I guess you didn't believe my last post when I said my updates will be rather sporadic for the next few months. Couldn't get enough of me, eh? Cool.

Uh, unless your are one of those crazy, pet-rabbit-boiling sort of nutcases stalkers. In that case, way not cool, dude!

So, Great Foam. What's not to love about pressurized isocyanates? Sure, I'm currently typing this post with one hand while the other is stuck to a wadded up ball of newspaper, but our house is looking GREAT for Halloween. It's amazing what a person can do with several packages of fake spider webbing, a six-foot spider, the bones of several cows, a dead tree with skulls impalled on it's branches, a giant ghost, a magot-filled brain, bloody handprints, a severed hand, strobe lights, a child-sized skeleton sealed up in a clear trash bag, a fog machine, a life-sized zombie, and Great Stuff foam. I love the sound of tires screeching as drivers slam on their brakes to get a better look at the house.

Miniwether likes the severed hand.

The weekend was spent setting this stuff up. Being a perfectionist, I am still in the process of arranging everything. I spent almost two hours just stacking cow bones to try and get the most horrifying effect. I'm still not happy and will restack them again tomorrow. Misseswether thinks I nuts because I require my display to have a self-consistent logic. For instance, I won't put up tombstones because why would a house in the suburbs have a cemetary in its front yard? That doesn't make sense. Also, even though I love cyborgs I won't put one in the decorations as I feel they don't fit in a house inhabited by ghosts, zombies and assorted other undead monsters. Missewether refuses to play along and will only dress up as something cute and not scary. This absolutely kills me but a husband must make allowences. We've settled on her being a really cute witch because that fits in with the rest of the setup. *sigh*

As for adventures in this world, I planned on us camping out or at least having a bonfire in the backyard Saturday night. Unfortunately I forgot to turn off the water sprinkler and flooded our backyard! I was so bummed, it was a gorgous night, cool and with low humidity. Pitching the tent in 2" of mud was too much like Misseswether's childhood camping experiences and I didn't want to undo all the good camping experiences I've had with her. I was so mad at myself for drowning the yard. On the other hand, the plants are looking great.

I did get some camping prepartions in though. Saturday night I worked on my "chuckbox". It's a big wooden box that holds all my camp cooking gear. It even turns into a cook-station. I'll put pictures of it up when it's done. I need to add a shelf and some handles. The thing is pretty heavy, but it should make camp cooking way easier and more organized. Of course, there's also the whole "I-have-the-best-camp-kitchen-in-the-campgrounds" ego thing coming into play. Oh yeah!

Anyway, here's a couple of pictures to hold you until I get the bones just right.

Big Ugly and the milk-cartoon kid.
BigUgly Missing

Adventure! Excitement! Screaming kids dragged to our door!

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