Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ludacris Speed!

Things get busy for adventurers in the Fall here in Texas. The temperatures drop down into the comfortable 90's, the humidity falls below 85% and people emerge from their air-conditioned pods to reaquaint themselves with this thing known as "The Outdoors". After being locked up indoors for three months they stare upwards with blinking eyes, pale skins and big smiles as they soak in the sun which can no longer burn their skin off in seconds. Sure, the fire ants, venomous snakes, feral pigs, black widow spiders and meth-lab operators are still active, but their dangers fade away in comparison to being able to spend the day outdoors without carrying two gallons (16 lbs!) of sweat-replacing water.

Since things are getting busy I may not have time to update this blog quite as often with detailed stories of my adventures. With that warning in place here is a sample of my last week: A trip to San Antonio, attending Dragon Boat races here in Houston, then tailgating at the Texan's game. I'm really worn out.

San Antonio is an awesome place. It is beautiful, fun and easy to get around. Go there, gorge yourself on Mexican food, visit the Alamo, and hang out along the Riverwalk.

Breakfast 21 stories up.


Tower of the Americas.

Me and Miniwether up in the Tower.

Misseswether is a fraid of heights and stayed below. Look for the very small dot.

Miniwether wishing me luck before my presentation.

All three.

La la la bamba!

After a week in San Antonio we returned home to enjoy local fall festivities. Saturday morning Miniwether and I went hiking. She was really excited when she found the deer skull. She carried it all through the woods and wanted to bring it into the grocery store when we picked up lunch. It was tempting to let her but I figured the other shoppers my find this disturbing, especially if she was shouting the Hawaiian war chant I had taught her while we were in the woods (Hawaiian war chants are good for scaring away the feral hogs). I'd have pictures but the camera battery was dead.

After the hike it was time for the dragon boat races on Lake Woodlands!

Miniwether loves daddy!

Then this morning (Sunday) me and five neighbors set up our tailgating party in the Green Lot of Reliant Stadium. For the Houston-Miami game. Nothing says, "Ahhhhh" like beer and steaks at 9:30am.
Note the jumper cables being used to hold the umbrella in place (duct tape would have been overkill).

Close to far: the actor, the cop, the child development specialist, the current divorcee and the 21-year old chick he was wooing.

Me and my big, mean military machine neighbor. He had so much fun in the original Desert Storm that he stuck around through most of more recent one too. He'd still be there if a bad guy didn't get off a somewhat lucky shot. It put Big-Mean on a flight home for medical rehab and a heroes welcome. The bad guy ended up in a bodybag (uh, actually several. NEVER piss off a guy with the ability to throw hand grenades 60 yards with pinpoint accuracy even while bleeding).

While heading to our seats the escalator lurched to a stop causing my neighbor stumble and flay open his toe. It was wrapped in guaze and we stuck a condom over it to contain the blood. It required stitches but we waited until after the game to get him to the hospital. According to the doctor this was the wrong thing to do, but then he didn't realize what great seats we had.

The Texans win! The Texans win!

Okay, time to get some sleep (which one foolish member of our football group did while still at Reliant Center. The resulting pictures aren't really appropriate for this blog. They are VERY funny though.

Adventure! Excitement! Overwhelming number of activities!

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