Sunday, October 15, 2006

1 for, 3 against

Well, I'm starting to get complaints about my Halloween decorations. Three sets of parents have commented that it's too scary.

Too scary?!

Okay, maybe a little scary.

Very scary!!

On the other hand, one parent came over to tell me he and his kids loved the decorations. *sigh*, I'm sure he meant well...

Most of the parents of Miniwether's friends won't let their children enter our house through the front door right now. They make Misseswether open the garage door for them instead. I take that as a compliment. Meanwhile Miniwether thinks it's all great fun. She loves the skulls because "They are happy and smiling all the time! They must be very friendly.". While I was putting up the cobwebs I heard several cars screech to a halt. Looking over I saw Miniwether waving at the drivers with a severed limb. I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!

Last night we when looking at other people's decorations. Miniwether didn't like anyone else's because they weren't spooky. I REALLY, REALLY LOVE THIS GIRL!!! I'm thinking of sticking a fake (but very realistic) severed hand in her school lunch bag. That's be funny!

With the cool weather rolling in it was time to pitch the tent again. This time it was only in the backyard as a weekend full of social engagements prevented us from heading out into the real woods. Miniwether didn't mind. As long as she was in the tent with mommy and daddy and had a flashlight she could pretend was a lightsaber she was happy.

Backyard camping. Note: you are looking over my garden which is currently empty except for some new pea plants.

Happy campers (at least until Misseswether sees her picture here on my blog).

Jedi or Sith? It really depends on the time of day. Sidenote: this flashlight ended up still in the tent when it was packed away. Bummer, it's a really great flashlight.

Adventure! Undead! Love!

Note: There is an exclamation mark between "Undead" and "Love" so don't get all freaked out.

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