Saturday, September 16, 2006

More food on sticks

Long-time readers of this blog know I have a thing about food served on sticks. As for readers who have stumbled in more recently, how's it going? Stick around, click a few links, make yourself at home. If you are really patient you might read something that will make you snigger a bit, learn something useful or perhaps both at the same time.

Uh, but I digress. Back to food on sticks! Okay, I know what you are thinking: Merriwether was at some county fair over the weekend and gorged himself on batter-fried moonbat or something weird like that. Nope, that ain't it (though moonbats dipped in boiling oil are a lovely treat). This time I'm talking the original food on sticks. Yep, eating leaves, bark and berries!

For over twenty years I've been practicing the skill of finding wild edible plants and I am confident that if you and I get lost in the woods I won't starve. Now there are hundreds of websites devoted to finding/identifying edible wild plants. Search Google or Yahoo or and you be hit with a pethora of spinach subsitutes. Master their information and you'll finish you backpacking trip heavier than when you started.

But being humble (okay, lazy), I'm not going to try and teach you all that stuff, especially since I have readers from all over the world. What grows here may not grow where you are so this would just be a waste of your time (uh, kind of like the last three paragraphs).

So, instead of teaching you what you can eat out in the wild I'm going to show you where to learn which plants you can eat in your own yard! Won't that be cool? So now when rampaging space mutants destroy our civilization, you can just graze through your yard (and the yards of your neighbors if you are that sort of cold-hearted bastard) while everyone else dies and agonizing death by starvation (and perhaps radiation poisoning). Most likely you know the names of the plants in your yard and if you don't someone nearby can probably help you out. If not, I recommend you rip out all the plants, cut down all the trees and start over from scratch. If you do know the names of your plants go HERE and start learning what's for dinner!

Using that page, let's go nosh Ravenscar. It turns out that currently I have the following edible plants in my yard:
Loblolly pine
Japanese privet (aka ligustrum)
Heavenly Bamboo
Yaupon holly
Canna lilies
Bearded irises
Elderberry trees
Sedums ("stonecrop")
Day lilies
Loquat tree
Live oak
Burr oak
Pin oak
Silver maple
Wax-leaf myrtle
Chinese pistache
Star jasmine
Virginia Creeper
Society Garlic

Yep, looks like we have plenty of food. Bring on the killer mutant space aliens!

Adventure! Excitement! Eating leaves!

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