Monday, September 04, 2006

Fear of Trees

Play It Smart. If you think what you are doing is not the smartest, you are probably right.
-Mountian biking safety tip.

"It will be fun"." Clark said. "It'll be a thrill!" Clark said. "I've biked this trail a bunch of times, it's real easy!" he said.

I figured he knew what he was talking about and so at 7am Labor Day morning we headed up to Huntsville State Park. It was my first time to this park even though it's really close. This park turned out to be amazing! It completely encloses the man-made Lake Raven. This lake was designed from the ground up to be a prime fish habitat and the woods around it haven't been logged since the fifties. It has a swimming beach, camping areas, canoe, paddle, and fishing boat rentals and even guided horseback ride.

The trees are huge and several beautiful hiking trails pass underneath them. Mountain bikes are allowed on one of these trails which loops for 11 miles up and down hills, through thick sand and over massive tree roots.

Beautiful, isn't it?

After going less than five miles I had to pull over and rest otherwise I was going to throw up. I hadn't felt that nauseous from physical activity since my weight-lifting days back at SDSU. I seriously though I was going to pass out. My thighs were only a little tired but I was gasping for air like a chain smoker. Note to readers: McDonald's Yoga DVD does not increase cardiovascular capabilities! It's resulting flexibility does however allow you to tuck into a nice, tight ball as you fly through the air after hitting a giant expose root while careening downhill on a poorly equipped bike, in case you wondered if the DVD would be of benefit to you.

You know what, I don't want to talk anymore about the trail biking. I'll just say we made it back to Clark's vehicle after about two hours, much much later than the others who started out at the same time as us. After resting a bit we both decided it was too early to return to our wives and kids so we decided to re-do the trail. Only this time we walked it.

I liked that a lot better.

It's a great trail to walk. What before went by in a panic striken blur or vomity haze could now be enjoyed! So here, enjoy:



Supposedly alligators...
Damn that $500 fine!

From swamp to woods.

A goblin caught by the sun.

On the edge of thick and dark.


All in all, Huntsville State Park is one of the most diverse and family-friendly parks (especially if you like Tejano music) in the Houston area. It has camping, fishing, RV hookups, tent camping areas, fishing, swimming, trail biking, hiking, live alligators, boat rentals and very entertaining park rangers. I'm going back but, uh, without my bicycle...

Adventure! Excitement! Poor cardiovascular condition!

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