Friday, August 04, 2006

Ping Pong Ping Pong Ping...

Okay, so the tickets were changed THREE MORE TIMES today plus I had to run around all over downtown trying to get the proper Visa paperwork. I needed a letter of invitation from the Mexican company, I need a letter from our corporate headquarters stating they would be wholely financially responsible for me, I needed to fill out forms to submit to the Mexican consulate that included such information as my monthly salary plus any other forms of income that I have, I needed passport-sized photos, and then Monday I take all this paperwork plus $160 in cash and stand in line outside the Mexican consulate at 6am in hopes that I get to see somebody with the right rubber stamp. Then if I do see that person I can't actually get the needed Visa UNTIL TUESDAY!! Oh yeah, and I'll have to stand in line again Tuesday morning outside the Mexican consulate to get the Visa/paperwork returned to me, assuming they approve it.

All this so I can fly down to Pemex (Mexican National Oil company) headquarters, watch a guy mix chemicals, and say "Stop!" if it looks like he'll mix something together that will kill us all.

Meanwhile, the same Mexican goverment publishes comic books showing their citizen how to illegally enter the USA.

Something just ain't right...

Adventure! Excitement! Easier coming in than going out!

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