Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fishing in the stream of conciousness

I seem to have "broken" my blog's template resulting in it not being displayed properly in certian browsers. Sorry about that, I just had to mess with it, now it's all kerfuffled. If you don't see a bunch of links off to the right scroll down to the bottom of the page. You'll find them there. I don't know why they dropping down like that. There's a lot of good links for you to look at! Tales of previous adventures, neat shops selling useful adventure gear, information on where to go adventuring, stuff like that. Definately worth a look if you ask me.

Of course, I just had a rather large glass of fine brandy so everything seems a bit rosey and warm right now. Work sucks but life is good. Did I mention my lab tech just left the company to become a game warden? I am so jealous of her! I'll be stuck doing her job and my job while she'll be out in the woods arresting poachers and shooting meth-lab operators! Is that just the best job ever? I'm hoping she'll at least send me some alligator teeth (there's a lot of alligator poaching Texas. They fasten a chicken to a grappling hook fastened to a heavy-duty chain fastened to a really big tree. Apparently you can get a lot of gators with such a simple set-up). Anyway, and alligator-tooth necklace would be cool. Or maybe a set of alligator-teeth cufflinks for my suit next month when I present my paper at the big SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) conference. I'm not an engineer (I can't drive trains) I'm a chemist. If you want a bridge, talk to an engineer. If you DON'T want a bridge, talk to a chemist (wink, wink).

Actually, with a big nose like mine and being perpetually tanned by the great outdoors I find it's best to no longer mess with the, uh, *flashy* side of chemistry anymore. I also learned many years ago not to bring my work briefcase onto planes anymore. It's chem-lab smells drive the sniffer-dogs NUTS. Nothing like a strip search to start a business trip right. :-( Of course, having your co-worker see a teddy bear (hey, I can't get to sleep if I'm not snuggling with someone and the teddy bear is A LOT better than a divorce!) in your bag doesn't help one's career. Oh well. They are all just jealous because I look sexy in a lab coat and they all look like frumpy old men (including most of the women!). Then again, most of my coworkers are between the ages of 54 and the Eocene age, so they'd look like frumpy old men in just about anything short of a Lamborgini...

That was some real good brandy.

Adventure! Excitement! Template Issues!

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