Sunday, July 16, 2006

Too much bleeding.

I was supposed to donate blood today but when they checked my iron content I was found to be borderline anemic and wasn't allowed to give blood. The nurse asked if I had had any recent injuries resulting in unusual blood loss.

She gave me a quizical look when I burst out laughing and responded, "Not unusual for an adventurer.". I guess she's used to regular folks whose arms, legs, and back aren't a spiderweb of old scars and new gashes. Oh well. The minimum acceptable iron concentration for donating blood is 12.5 and I missed it by a hair with 12.0. She reccomended I eat more raisins, spinach and steak. Hmm, I wonder if I can get my health insurance to cover weekly meals at Texas Land & Cattle. That would be sweet!

Normally Misseswether and I both donate blood then gorge ourselves at The China Bear. However, since I still had all my blood (albeit a tad iron-poor) Missewether decided we should save the money and have me cook lunch instead.

That was a very practical suggestion. :-(

Sorry this post isn't more interesting. I had a really funny one ready based on donating blood, but when I got turned down it turned that story into a lie. It would have been really funny, but untrue. You'll just have to get your laughs this time by picturing me, a 6'5", 220lb fellow, turning out to be anemic. I guess that's funny.

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