Saturday, July 29, 2006


And when the Earth convulsed and screamed that Man had gone too far--who led the pagan nation from the flood to Ravenscar?
-Ode to the Magus Constantine

I'm tired. The weekend was spent moving 1766 pounds of landscaping boulders in 104F heat. Superman has his Fortress of Solitude, the Batman has his Batcave. Me? I have Ravenscar.

When we moved into our house the backyard was a 30' by 70' plat of flat, boring grass in flat, boring suburbia.

May 1999
Ravenscar-00 Ravenscar-000

That was seven years ago. Since then I've hauled in 10 tons of boulders, 1 ton of gravel, and 15 tons of dirt to build myself a meandering path through four hills.

March, May 2002
Ravenscar-4 Ravenscar-7

Most of the trees were put in in 2003.
Ravenscar2003 Ravenscar2003-2

Since 2003 the trees, shrubs, ferns and flowers have been thriving. When sitting by the firepit you can't even see our house even though it's only 20' away. During the fall, winter, and spring we like to have fires here and camp out.
MisseswetherFire RavenscarCamp

This weekend I hauled in the last rocks. Once they are set in place my forest, my sanctuary, my Ravenscar will be finished. I grew up with endless woods right outside our backdoor. Seven years of back-breaking, sun-burning, heat-exhuastion labor has given a small slice of that paradise back to me.

Once the final rocks are in place I'll post more pictures.

Adventure! Excitment! Peaceful Interlude!


CrazyRideLady said...

Your yard is absolutly amazing! I'm so jealous! I, too, had a great back yard (Dehmer's Woods)and I long for those trees, the creek, the sliding hill. But, alas, I have a former potato field for a back yard.

Merriwether the Adventurer said...

Yeah, the last time I was in Minnesota I spent as much time in those woods as I did hanging with the family. It was pretty awesome, especially when I spotted the marmot and later on when I startled three deer. People don't realize what's still in those woods. Deer, fox, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, marmots, owls, hawks, chipmunks, skunks, etc.. I think there might even be bobcats. Luckily, the Wendigo seemed to have been driven out of the Crow river when they destroyed the Berning's Mill dam.

As for my backyard, it's even better in real life. When are you coming down for a visit? It's only about 7-10 hours from anywhere in Oklahoma. You can stop by after your family reunion!

Thanks For The Ride Lady said...

Maybe I'll come down in the winter. I have family outsite Houston. Did I mention I hate the heat?

Merriwether the Adventurer said...

Heat-wise, it's currently cooler down here than up there!

Anonymous said...

I attest, the backyard is amazing.