Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sweet interlude

It was a busy weekend involving a birthday, a wedding and work so I don't have any tales of adventure. Instead, you get pictures of Miniwether and Misseswether:

Miniwether at relatives in California.

A loving family

Miniwether's first ocean.
I'm so bummed I wasn't there for this. :-(

Small gals, big wave!

Mmmm, a man in uniform...
Miniwether started out by woo-ing the pilot, then everyone in the seats around her. She even talked several people out of the cookies from their in-flight snack!

Tired travelers.
I asked Missewether's permission before posting this picture. She said, "Go ahead, you've posted worse!". Now I feel bad.

And then she was three. Like toast landing butter-side down I can verify that when dropped, a birthday cake will land frosting-side down. :-( Luckily Missewether had frosting-topped, cake-filled ice cream cones to keep the celebration going.

Wow, Miniwether's third birthday...

Adventure! Excitment! Parenthood!


Michael said...

A wedding and a birthday and you say there was no adventure involved. Jaded much?

Merriwether the Adventurer said...

No, just exhuasted. I've been working a lot out in the field. I'm the only Ph.D. I know whose work clothes include steel-toed boots, a hardhat and a Nomex jumpsuit (which I do find useful for certian non-work related activies...).