Saturday, May 13, 2006

Seventeen days left.


Hurricane season officially starts June 1st. The Gulf of Mexico is currently 14 F hotter than normal meaning any hurricane which reaches it will quickly blossom into a hideous, monstrous beast. Statistically, Houston is overdue for a direct hit.

So, instead of hiking, camping, paddling, or poking things with sticks this weekend I'm building plywood window covers for our house. Okay, technically my super-handyman neighbor is building the covers, but I am helping him carry the big sheets of plywood. Um, and occasionally I'll untangle a powercord.

We've used twenty-four sheets of 4'x8'x5/8" plywood, sixty Plylox, and an undetermined number of 4" screws. The covers need to be waterproofed yet, then I need to find a place to store them. I'm thinking maybe bolting them all to the walls in my garage would work.

Overall, I'd rather be adventuring but after Rita we wanted to be ready the next time the world decided it might end in rain, wind and lightening.

Adventure! Plywood! Power Tools!

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