Sunday, May 28, 2006

Last hurricane preparations post

For me, my wife, 3-yr old daughter, and two cats we have the following supplies:

Four 7-gal "Aquatainers".
One 2.5-gal "Aquatainer".
Eighteen 1-gal bottled water (stored in rubbermaid totes in case of leaks).
Case of Gatorade
Approximately twelve 1-liter water containers.
Two bathtubs filled with water.
Three 1-gal bottle water frozen in chest freezer.
Eight 500-mL bottled water frozen in kitchen freezer.
One gallon fresh Clorox bleach for water purification and general disinfection.
One water purifier pump and spare filter (First Need brand).
Three 55-gal rain barrels (normally used to water plants))
Several good neighbors with pools.

Xantrex Powerpack 400 Plus
Colman Powermate 400 watt inverter
We talked about a generator but at this point we feel it's not worth it considering the gas prices. If the power will be out for an extended period Misseswether/Miniwether will head off to any number of friends between here and Minnesota.

Normal stockpile of stuff. Store what you eat, eat what you store. Canned fruits, tuna, and other "no-cook" type stuff. Focus on low-salt, high water content.

Propane grill with side burner.
Two five-gal propane tanks.
Colman Duel Fuel Campstove Model 424 (runs on "Coleman white gas" or unleaded gas).
Propane converter for Colman 424 Campstove along with adapter to run off 5-gal propane tanks.
Two small propane tanks for propane converter for Coleman 424 campstove.
Assorted other camp stoves (alcohol, gaz, charcoal, and wood).
Assorted camping pots, pans, etc...

(Dangers expected include cuts from broken glass, bug bites, twisted ankle, diarrhea)
Tetnus shots!
Three 1-liter bottles of isopropal alcohol (disinfectant).
Three fresh 1-liter bottles of hydrogen peroxide (disinfectant).
Two tubes of Neosporin.
Lots of guaze rolls, large & medium truama pads, band-aids.
Two ACE bandages.
Two boxes of maxi-pads (great for covering wounds/stopping bleeding).
Four rolls of waterproof bandage tape.
Six 2-oz bottles of "Sting Ease".
Five cans of "Deep Woods OFF" bug repellant.
Two boxes of Imodium-AD for diarrhea.
Assorted pain relievers and other meds.

Solar Shower
Lots of baby-wipes.
Lots of toilet paper.
Lots of alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel.
Lots of kitty litter.

Two cell phones with text-message capabilities
Car chargers for cell phones.
Battery-powered 1.5" screen TV (VHF and UHF frequencies).
Three solar/battery/crank powered radios.
Two battery/solar/crank powered shortwave radios.
FSR radios (everyone on our block has them, sets them to the same channel, and moniters them when the hurricane hits in case someone needs emergency help).
Digital camera.
Digital video camera.
Rechargable 1,000,000 candlepower spotlight.
Assorted other flashlights of various size and power.
Battery-powered fan (large one designed for cooling tents while camping, not a toy)
LOTS of batteries.

Six blue tarps for various sizes up to 20' by 20'.
Gas shut-off tool.
Waterproof 35mm camera.
Sleeping bags.
Duct tape.
Several thick, plastic drop clothes.
Cleaning supplies (sponges, buckets, mops, Formula 409, bleach, rubber gloves, etc...)
Lots of rope.
Bicycles (plus spare tubes, pump, and a trailer pulled by bikes).
Awesome neighbors.
Out-of-state phone contact list.
Three 7-gal gas cans.
Two 2-wheeled "dollies".

This list was just off the top of my head. If you want more details on any particular item let me know.

Stay safe.


Michael said...

You forgot ammunition. =)

Merriwether the Adventurer said...

I just didn't list it. I don't want people to think I'm paranoid. :-)