Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It's blackberry season!!!! Every evening this week we've been cruising various patches of wild blackberries. We like to pretend we are getting exersize as we bicycle from patch to patch stuffing our faces with the sweet, staining fruit.

Look for blackberries in undeveloped areas on hillsides that receive full sun. They grow close to the ground on canes loaded with sharp stickers, so you need to wear long pants and good shoes. Uh, also keep an eye out for snakes and fire ant mounds. You'll most likely see red ones first. They'll need a few more days before they are ripe. The best (sweetest) ones are dull-black berries with the big, swollen globules. At this stage they'll fall off the vines with just a gentle tug. Blackberries grow wild all over the United States but their ripening times will be staggered as you move from South up to North.

After the blackberries are gone mulberries will come into season. They are probably my favorite berry, but I haven't found any mulberry trees in the neighborhood. There's several up where we camped last weekend, but that's a bit of a drive even for these best berries on Earth.

Adventure! Peddling! Berries!

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