Sunday, April 09, 2006

It doesn't hurt, they are my family.

I have fond memories of watching wrestling on tv thirty years ago. This was before the rock-n-roll sexcapades that infect it now. Back then the commercials featured polka music or Ginsu Knives. Mean Gene Okerland was the annoucer for matches involving such stars as Jesse 'the Body" Ventura, George "The Animal" Steele, and the uber-bad-guy, Hulk Hogan. Many a Saturday afternoon was spent watching these fellows bouncing around the mat, driving knees into spleens, and generally pummeling each other into pulpy masses.

These old memories raced through my head as Miniwether kicked me in the face in response to a groan I had let loose after Misseswether had driven her knee into my kidney. It was almost 4am and for the last six hours I had been punched, bounced, kneed, elbowed, and poked non-stop.

They look sweet and harmless don't they? Don't let them fool you. Miniwether must have steel-reenforced heels and I swear Misseswether files her elbows into stilleto points. Both of them flail about in their sleep. Me? More than one person has commented on my Vampire-like sleeping habits: flat on my back, feet together, arms crossed over my chest, absolutely motionless until morning. The girls? I think they dream about kick-boxing.

Ah, the joys of camping with one's family... Though I'm not even sure if you could call it camping. When you are in a tent as large as a hotel suite, when you have your own portaprivy, when you kick back on a queen-sized air matress to watch DVD's, when the tent HAS A CEILING FAN it's hard to call the experience "camping".

Miniwether hangs out in the other room. You can just make out the edge of the ceiling fan at the top of the picture...

We were almost through our second night in the new tent and I have to say this beast had impressed me for family camping. I can stand up in it. It's superbly ventilated. It has a bathroom... It'll be great for camping up at RenFests and other places. As it was, we were just camping out in the backyard so instead of frogs and nightinggales we had the drone of traffic and landing airplanes. Well, I did anyway. Miniwether and Misseswether were sound asleep, protected from each other's nightly thrashing by the 6'5" wall known as me.

It's all good though. Morning came with the sound of giggles and wrestling (but luckily no polka music). I escaped the ring and cooked up a batch of my Oatmeal French Toast and sausage patties which the girls quickly devoured. Breaking "camp" took a little longer than I liked, but it really is best to clean up the blood (kick to the face mentioned earlier...) before packing up the tent. Still, I'm thinking we'll go camping (actually in some woods somewhere!) once a month or so.

But next time I get the spare bedroom!

Adventure! Wrestling! Big big tent*!

*Note: This tent is SEVEN FEET shorter than the tent Misseswether had originally brought home. Yet it had all the amenities of a mid-priced hotel room. I can only imagine what all was in the other, larger tent!


Michael said...

A tent with a bathroom? I can't imagine nylon walls providing the privacy one would need to get the job done... :)

Merriwether the Adventurer said...

You'd be right. However, what Misseswether wants Misseswether gets. This time it's a tent with indoor plumbing...