Sunday, March 05, 2006

Wow, that was intense!

No, not waterskiing across a pond via a tow-rope wrapped around a rear wheel hub of a car (though that is still on the "to do" list. Thanks, Jenn!).

Not downing liters of rum with a repo man (actually, that was awesome, but unrelated to this latest adventure).

Nope, this adventure started out with nice clothes, fancy surroundings (with very comfy seats), and live entertainment. It ended, however, with five dead bodies (not my fault!) and deep introspection.

Life goes by fast. One minute you're an eight year old opening up birthday presents (the "Mr. Action" action figure was the best gift that year!) then *blink* and you're 38 with a wife, child, house, etc. then *blink* again and someones shoveling dirt on you. Everyone talks about this but no one ever does anything about it. I've always felt my life was screaming by. I never wish it was the weekend because I know in half a breath it WILL be the weekend. I hate it. I want it to slow down! There's so much I want to do even though my days are packed and packed. Adventure! Excitement! Exploration! Fatherhood! Work! Reading! Weeding! So much, so much, so much, yet not enough...

It's all going by too fast. :-(

I rarely meet anyone who feels the same way. Maybe superfically, but not deep down screaming in their core. Everyone seems to be wishing it was the weekend, or the end of the school year, or that their children were a bit older and more self reliant.

Aauughhh! No! Stop! There's not enough time to soak everything in! Every day I try and memorize exactly what Miniwether is like. I don't want to lose how wonderful she is at this moment. A week later she's changed, grown. The wonder that she was is erased by the wonder that she's become. But, I wasn't done savoring the wonder that she was!!

It's all going by TOO FAST!!

Well, Friday night I learned someone else felt that way. We have a neighbor who is an actor. You've probably seen him in some commercials (he played a produce manager in a recent Reliant Energy commercial). He also does theater and recently appeared in the grand opening performance at the Texas Repertory Theater. The play was Our Town. I've heard of this play but I had never seen it. Every high school puts it on, so how intense could it possibly be? Walking in to the theater, the set didn't encourage me, either. Two tables, a few chairs, and a couple of step ladders? What the hell was this? I thought it would be some sickly-sweet, goof-ball sort of comedy.

It's not. It, it hurts.

Now I know why every high school does this play. It's because the students need to know what it tells. I doubt any of the students ever get it though.

Thornton Wilder, the author, knew how fast everything passes.

He knew how shallowly from the cup of life's sensations people drink.

He knew how quickly it all ends.

And he knew how it ends, with crying and scrabling for more...

The next day I took Miniwether to a rodeo event. While there I asked her to smell the horses.

I want her to remember EVERYTHING!

Adventure! Excitement! Auugghhh!

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