Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Well, that was disappointing.

There are old adventurers and there are bold adventures. The bold adventurers get books written about them.

Old adventurers join The Woodlands Hiking Club.

I found out about them on the web while looking for places to hike around Houston. They meet the first Wednesday of each month at the local library, so with great anticipation I showed up at tonight's meeting. I was looking forward to meeting fellow adventurers who could tell me about rugged, rewarding trails through dark woods and along beautiful rivers. I had even practiced a friendly, non-threatening smile (due to a rather open genetic past, I am blessed/cursed with what many people have refered to as "fangs". My canine teeth are slightly over-sized and they jut out somewhat. Coupling that with my extremely large stature and the overall effect has been likened to "something that needs to be killed with a silver bullet". But I digress.)

So anyway I walk into the room ready to win friends and meet new, interesting people. I'm greeted by a dozen sets of rheumy eyes set in shriveled faces.

"Hi! Is this the Woodlands hiking club?" I ask.

After a long pause one finally mumbles yes. They then quickly turned away and began talking amongst themselves. I stood there a few minutes smiling and nodding my head to a few who accidently made eye contact with me. Then I decided "Screw this." and left. I've encountered groups like this before and they aren't worth my time. Listen folks, if you are ever in a club go out of your be friendly to visitors. Who knows, they might be rich!

Note: I am not rich.

Adventure? Excitement? Heart attacks!

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