Sunday, March 12, 2006

Saturday's lesson.

Fresh cut bamboo sinks.

As usual, "It seemed like a good idea." proved otherwise.
Clark and I had planned on going canoeing Saturday morning. Unfortunately he came down with some bug and was sick in bed. Instead of adventuring, I spent Saturday morning having a wonderful time with Miniwether chasing squirrels at the park. This was great fun, but it didn't involve mucking about in boats. That afternoon Miniwether and Misseswether had a birthday party to attend so they left me at home.


With assorted saws, hatchets, and ropes...

And the desire to be afloat...

So, ten minutes after they are gone I'm in the middle of a nearby bamboo thicket cutting 19' canes for a raft. I had seen pictures and plans for bamboo rafts on the internet. It looked pretty straight forward, easy to do. Some claimed it could be done in four hours. Since I was going to use zip-ties rather than traditional lashing I figured I could have the raft built, tested, and carried home in three hours. I was pretty excited.

This thicket is kind of spooky. There's assorted paths chopped through it and the odd article of clothing is tossed about. A belt here, a shirt there, a shovel half-buried, and of course, The Shack.


I spent one and a half hours cutting bamboo and dragging it down to Spring Creek. I'm was bloody from thorns, sweaty from the heat, and a little creeped out by the feeling someone had been watching me the whole time... On the other hand I had a great pile of bamboo. The stuff seemed really heavy though, much heavier than I was used to. On a whim I tossed a peice into the creek. It sank until just the barest sliver remained above water.

I watched it slowly surface once, twice, then sink completely as it traveled downstream.

I looked at all the bamboo I cut.

I looked at my cuts, bruises, and stabs.

I went home.

Nobody ever told me fresh-cut bamboo sinks.

Adventure! Experience! Bamboo!

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