Thursday, March 30, 2006

I've created a monster.

Well, it turns out Misseswether had even a better time camping than I thought. She called me at work today to let me know she bought us a tent.

It's ten feet wide and twenty feet long.

That a hell of a lot of tentness.

Oh, she also bought camp potty.

So basically we now have a nylon mobile home. Hey, that's cool. As long as she wants to go camping I'll lug whatever she wants.

And now for a funny potty story: Last weekend at Excalibur Faire Miniwether had her first experience with a port-a-potty. She stepped inside, looked around, spied the male urnial and stated, "Wow, that's a really tiny bathtub." I love that girl, she makes me laugh.

Adventure! Excitement! 100 lbs of camping gear!

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