Monday, March 20, 2006

I GPSing the borderlands electric...

I've told you how much I love my GPS unit. This thing is great as it allows me to pinpoint excatly where I get into trouble! I recently found a website that increases the "Whoa, cool!" factor up several orders of magnitude for GPS's. If you have a GPS unit you need to check this place out:

This website allows you to upload your tracks and waypoint files and convert them into a number of different views. You can convert your files (any GPS manufacturer!) to files readable by any other GPS unit.

You can overlay your tracks on a topo map of the region.

You can overlay your track on an aerial photograph of the region.

You can overlay your track on a satellite photo.

You can even plot your changes in your altitude!
Uh, this last one is much more interesting when you actually DO change altitude...

You can also convert your track into a Google Earth .kml or .kmz file. Then you can see your track overlayed on Google Earth. This is really neat if you are a map freak!

Oh, and in other news, someone stole all the bamboo I cut last weekend. Grrr argh!

Adventure! Excitment! Electronics!

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