Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Let's do the time warp again, again.

I've already posted several times about what a wonderful adventure vehicle our Honda Pilot is. Comfortable, spacious, good mpg, smooth handling, etc... By far though it's best feature is the factory-installed flux capacitor. Honda hybridization at its best! Off-road is fun, but through-time is even better.

This last weekend I packed up Miniwether, Misseswether, and Poppawether for a trip back into the rugged past of Texas, the 1800's to be exact (if a century could be called "exact"). We had made this leap before and it's a great paronomasia time. The weather was cold and gloomy, but that just kept the rift-raff away. We spent several hours talking to soldiers, blacksmiths, woodworkers, spinners, Native Americans and other friendly citizens of that period. Miniwether was offered her fill of home made donuts, bread, and assorted other foods. People always want to give Miniwether food, do they think we starve her? I guess it's just because she's so cute and enthuziastic about everything. She and I had a great time looking at the sheriff's and the soldier's guns. They seemed a little suprised that a 2-yr-old knew the difference between a revolver, a rifle, and a shotgun and assorted blackpowder firearms.

Misseswether spent most of the time whooping it up with the assorted cooks. She was trading hugs for food, so she was fed as much as Miniwether. She also picked up a few new recipies such as baked apples, bearsign, and bread-on-a-stick (Mmm, food on a stick!). She also spent some time running a spinning wheel and working with some ladies sewing.

Meanwhile Poppawether was happily showing some of the ladies present how to properly butcher a hog, make blood sausage and prepare head-cheese. I'm not sure where he got the hog. They were also rendering the hog's fat to make soap. Their lye wasn't up to snuff though so the saponification process wasn't working. I considered showing them how to make lye from wood ashes, but you know, the butterfly effect and all that...

Okay, now for some pictures!

One of the many camps. Soldiers and their families hung out and ate beans. Lots and lots of beans.

Misseswether fell in love with this micro-sewing machine. Now I have to buy her one.

Cooking ala 1850.

Ready! Aim!


Yep, the 1800's are a great time. Go there if you can (but bring your own toilet paper)!

Adventure! Excitement! Beans!

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