Monday, January 09, 2006

Macrame for masochists

I made a whip!!!

Pretty cool, huh? It's about ten feet long and can slice through a 1/4" pine branch with ease (and it stings like a SOB when you accidently whip your shoulder). It doesn't CRACK very well though. I've only managed to get a few good "pistol shots" out of it so far. One CRACK was loud enough to draw a neighbor out of his house, but when he saw what was going on all he said was, "Oh, I should have known." and went back inside.

This whip is made out of white nylon rope. Leather would obviously been much cooler, but I figured I wanted to give it a try with cheaper materials first. It turns out that a lot of the whips used by cowboys here in the Gulf Coast are nylon instead of leather. The humidity here rots leather away too quickly. Now that I've made this one I'll be taking what I learned and making another. Hopefully the next one will CRACK better. Then we'll see if the bulls, pigs, and wild dogs still want a peice of me!

Adventure! Excitement! CRACK!

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Anonymous said...

I came across your site via I like the whip you made. Could you post something about the process of how you made it?