Sunday, December 25, 2005



Twas' the morning of Christmas and the house disarryed.
Wrappings and plastic and sugar, hooray!!
Opening a gift and what did I spy?
A book on whip-making, oh wonderous guy!
My brother did send it and joy did it bring.
Now on to the next present, what shiney new thing?
Ah, flashlights! Glowing tubes of mirth
from the bestest most wonderful wife on this earth!
Another gift to me she did hand,
a GPS unit, how navigationally grand!!
And finally from from Miniwether came tunes for my Apple
and a crayon drawing of me, her and something that, uh probably rhymed with "Apple".

Tonight I'll sleep, comforted and joyous.
Visions of adventure and excitement, oh boyish!
But down first I go, on knees that are bent.
And give thanks to the Son, to bring peace was He sent.

And now a wish for you all, readers, family, and friend.
May great joy be with you and may never it end.

Christmas elf


Merry Christmas everyone!!

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