Saturday, December 10, 2005

And now, the pictures!

Wherein Merriwether shows you photos of the trip and tries to make them interesting:

Kansas! Hmm, what can one say to make miles of rolling nothing entertaining? Not a whole lot really. Sorry.

Okay, how about a cute girl in the snow?

Or maybe another cutie in the snow?

And now both cuties together!

I spent most of the time being a sled dog. A sled dog's life is cold and wet, but at least I was the lead dog. Note the puffy coat on my brother.

This is where I spent the some of the best parts of my youth. It is where the creek (it never had a name) joined the Crow River. It probably doesn't mean anything to anyone other than me but I think if everyone spent time at a place like this the world would be a better place. Mainly because a number of people drowned there over the years...

The drive home was exciting. We saw several big rigs off the road but this was the only one on its side. We lost track of how many cars had spun out into the ditch.

Back in Kansas. Still not very interesting.

Back home and coated in salt. I spent two hours scrubbing every inch of the Honda Pilot to get the salt off, then I took him to a car wash. It would have taken less than two hours, but Miniwether helped me.

Adventure! Cuties! Snow!

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