Sunday, November 27, 2005

Vacationing in the Land of Puffy Coats

Note: The post "Into the Borderlands Part 2" follows this post even though this post is older.

Sorry I haven't continued the story of hunting
ghosttowns but we are currently on vacation up in
Minnesota. No broadband. :-(

The day after we got here four inches of snow fell.
It's cold, only in the 20'sF and everyone here is
wearing big, puffy coats. They look like very warm

We are wearing several layers of Texas clothing, but
it's not really working. Staying inside helps, but I'm
getting some serious cabin fever. I can only stay
inside for so long before I have to go for a walk in
the woods behind my parents house. It's a nice woods,
but much smaller than in used to be.

Miniwether got to go sleding. She thought it was great
fun up until she ran into the fencepost. She ended up
with a big lump on her head.

It's raining out right now and then it's supposed to
turn to ice tonight. We'll probably be stuck inside
for the next few days. Most likely while everyone else
will be inside playing cards and drinking hot
chocolate I'll be wandering back in the woods. I
brought my camping stove with me so I can make my own
hot chocolate out amongst the silent trees.

Adventure! Excitment! Snow!

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