Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday in Dallas

I was stuck at the conference all day but Misseswether and Miniwether were ready to go exploring. Maps install a level of confidence and Misseswether had gathered a big ol' bag of brass cajones from the Triple A office. She had the following maps:
Dallas & Fort Worth combo
Dallas roads
Fort Worth roads
TRE metrorail system map/schedule
"Riding DART" guide
Fort Worth bus guide
Route 1B bus guide
Historic Stockyards map
Tourist guide to Dallas & Fort Worth
Area map around the hotel
She also had duplicates in case Miniwether torn one. They were ready!

Dallas had other plans though. They drove to the first train station but couldn't find any parking. Apparently Dallasonians like the train. They managed to find horribly over-priced parking at the next train station on their map. With the toss of a handful of money they were parked and ready to climb aboard.

Miniwether liked the train. She likes strangers and according to Misseswether the train was filled with them. Strangers with tattoos, strangers with piercings, strangers with wild hair, strangers with tattoos pierced by wild hair (just kidding on the last one). Miniwether knows how to work a room and soon everyone was talking with her, playing peek-a-boo, and generally scaring the heck out of Misseswether (or so I got the impression, this is all second hand...)

The train brought them to a bus which brought them to another train which brought them to the historic Fort Worth stockyards. If you want to know the history of meat in America this is the place for you! Statues of men wrestling meat! Live meat! Meat offered up cooked and ready to eat! I'm really bummed I missed it. I like meat.
cowboy wrestling meat
Meat statue (and Miniwether).

longhorn sushi
mmm, beef sushi.

Miniwether enjoyed seeing all the meat, but a few other things also caugt her eye. Apparently the cobblestones of one section had writing on them which Miniwether found fascinating. Letters on the ground? Bizzare!! She also thought the display of barbedwire was interesting, though a bit pokey.

After several hours Miniwether and Misseswether had their fill of meat (hah ha ha) and began the long trek home. Miniwether turned the charm on college students and recently released prison inmates, Missewether cringed. They made it home safe and sound in time to see me during the pre-supper conference break. I'm not sure what they had for supper, some rice with canned meat secretely cooked in the hotel room I think. Meanwhile I was feasting on lobster and steak at The Palm as a guest of one of our suppliers. It was very good.

Maps! Exploration! Meat!

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