Sunday, October 30, 2005

It was a dark and stormy night...

Once upon a time there was a nice suburban neighborhood where everyone planted flowers in the front yard, Halloween was filled with cute pumpkins and smiling kids in clown costumes, and nothing ever blew up.

Then one spring a Mad Scientist moved in. At the time the neighbors didn't realize he was a Mad Scientist. Oh, they knew he was a scientist and they thought he was a bit odd perhaps, but in an interesting, harmless way.

Then October rolled around. Suddenly the big, nice house in the middle of the block turned weird. Green lights glowed behind every curtain. Strange shadows lurched behind the windows. Brillant flashes and horrific howls filled the night. Glimpses of things (some with axes) were caught before they scuttled away into the garage.

It made people nervous.

October 31st came. Kids were out trick-or-treating. A clump of them stood at the end of the sidewalk before the Scary House. Dares were made. Double-dares were made. Then a double-dog-dare was made. The reluctantly-brave child trudged up the path and rang the bell. The door opened and the Candyman stepped out. The kid ran screaming to his friends, but it was too late. They had already run away from the nightmare in the doorway. Halloween had come to the neighborhood.

Many years ago I made a deal with Misseswether. She can decorate the house however she wants for Christmas but I get Halloween. At the time she though it was a fair deal. She didn't realize how far I would take it. Come October all the lights in the house are replaced with green bulbs. The skulls, giant spiders, and assorted beasties come out. Strob lights are strung up, spider webs are spun, and this year the bones of several cows were assembled into dragon's skeleton. Being an adventure means knowing where to find lots and lots of bones.

As usual, kids were dragged kicking and screaming to our door to meet the Candyman.

The only child who wasn't frighten was Miniwether. She had been playing with skulls, spiders, severed limbs, and giant rats for weeks. She thought everything was really cool, plus there was candy! She and Misseswether had gone out trick-or-treating even though it was raining out.

Misseswether managed to cajole other moms into bringing their children out trick-or-treating as the rain dropped down to a drizzle. Earlier in the evening we had massive storms, but by 6:30pm they had died down to wind and low-scudding clouds. Miniwether was already home and munching on her candy when neighborhood kids began showing up. Miniwether tried to convince them I was harmless, but a lot of kids found me to be quite threatening. Cool.

To Miniwether, I was still just "daddy". Her bedtime came and she gave me her nite-nite hug and kiss as usual.

Then she poked me in the eye. Definately a chip off the old block!!!

The rest of the evening was pretty much the same. Doorbell rings, Candyman answers the door, Misseswether runs after children, apologizes to their parents, and gives them lots of candy. Repeat until 9pm. Our house is the "must-see"" spot on Halloween and people have started bringing video cameras. A good time was had by all.

Well, except for maybe Meowether...
He'll wear the hat, but he WON'T enjoy the hat.

Fear! Screams! Bones!

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CrazyRideLady said...

You costume reminds me of the guy from A Nightmare Before Christmas! I love it and, of course, you daughter is adorable! AND, your wife is beautiful!!