Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well, that didn't work.

I think I have frostbite.

I just finished restacking two freezers. I figuring the power will go out for only 2-4 days, so I by planning our meals in advance I was able to optimize freezer space and cold retainability.

Of course, the question y'all are asking is "Why are you planning powerless meals if you are evacuating?".

A good question with an unfortunate answer. 800,000 other Houstonians are also evacuating. Progress is being measured in feet per hour. We are far enough inland where the only real danger are tornadoes and I rather face those in a house filled with 80+ gallons of water, food, and can openers rather than in a Honda Pilot filled with three cats and two upset ladies.

So anyway, we're going to hunker down and pray for the best. One prediction has Rita dropping down to a Cat 3 by the time she hits us. None of the predictions have Rita MISSING us. :-(

We still have two days to prepare and we've made excellent progress so far. The safe room is almost ready. We just need to figure out how to handel the cats' litter box. We have plenty of gas, food, water, cleaning supplies, bug spray, tarps, batteries, ammo, radios, flashlights, cylume lightsticks, and a deck of cards. We also live on the best block in Houston with the best neighbors a person could ever hope to have. We've all been working together to prepare. We're having a block meeting tomorrow night to sycronize walkie-talkies and work out a generator sharing schedule.

I'll keep posting as this progresses.

Adventure! Excitement! Hurricane-induced Frostbite!

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