Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I swung by Walmart this morning to add to my stockpile of supplies. Hurricane Katrina pointed out that you can't have too much fresh water. Well, the water aisle was almost picked clean. There were no pint or liter sized bottles of water left, only a few gallons jugs, twelve of which ended up in my cart. I also added a gallon of unscented bleach for treating water and general sanitizing. A quick run through the camping aisle showed peg after empty peg where flashlights once hung. All were gone except for a few super-duper $20 models.

It seems like people are finally learning.

Hurricane Rita is currently whacking Key West and is predicted to hit west of Houston as a Cat 3 storm sometime between Friday night/Saturday morning. I'm not very worried though because when was the last time you heard a four-day-out weather prediction come true? That being said, I'm still getting ready for her. We have 60+ gallons of water stored away and Friday afternoon I'll be filling the bathtubs. We have plenty of food, tarps, radios, flashlights, gasoline, a battery-powered tv, and a ton of batteries. Hitting just to the west of Houston would be a worst-case scenerio as that would put the wettest, windiest part of the storm right on Houston. Our house is about 70 miles inland, so I'm not worried about flooding from the storm surge. Tropical Storm Allison dropped over 30 inches of rain on our neighborhood and though the streets flooded no water came into the house. Water isn't my fear. Wind, on the other hand, could be a problem especially in the form of tornadoes. No telling where those monsters could strike.

If it looks like it'll be a Cat 4 storm then we are bugging out. We already have our evacuation checklist made (good adventures have LOTS of checklists) and we can have everything ready in a hour. Over the years I've explored miles of backroads and now have a path that *should* let us avoid most of the refugee traffic.

I still need to fill the freezers with ice and make room in the garage for the canoe and patio furniture (not sure how!). I also need to prep my backup power system. After that it's just a matter of watching the skies and praying theclouds don't come...

Adventure! Excitement! 100 MPH Winds!

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Anonymous said...

You could always head "home" to Minnesota for a bit!

If there is anything you need from here that I could send, let me know.