Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pretty Water

In light of all the destruction to the east of here (Thanks, Nagin!!) I decided to put up some pictures of pretty water. These shots were from Clark's and my latest trip down Spring Creek.

Under I-45
Here's where we launch Seeker's Fate for our occasional paddle after work.

Spring Creek
A shot upstream from the I-45 bridge. The flow rate at this time was close to 300 fps.

Spring Creek
Downstream from I-45.

Train bridge
Train bridge over Spring Creek.

Old Bridge
These are the pilings of an older train bridge beneth the current bridge. There's just barely enough room between pilings on the right side to slip a canoe through. It's a blast when you've lined up properly. Kinda wet if you don't...

When the water is high there are a number of navigable tributaries leading into Spring Creek. I find then all to be mysterious and beautiful.

Deeper into borderlands.

Moon Gate Falls. This is one of the most beautiful spots I know. It's silent except for the burbling falls, the water is crystal clear, and bottom pool is filled with edible fish.

Adventure! Excitement! Non-waste-filled Water!

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