Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Plan

Have you ever walked through your home trying to decide what save? It's a pretty horrible feeling. I spent last night bagging up clothes and the such in hopes that even if we lose our roof at least my clothes will remain. Same with books, photo albums, and the such. What happens to Porthos, my stuffed cat? Hopefully we'll have room in the escape pod for him...

We are finding out our evacuation plan doesn't nearly touch all the stuff we should do to prepare for the coming storm. So, we are plodding through it anyway gathering, bagging, praying. There is fear here now. Little fears, like what will happen to all the house plants. Big fears, like what will happen to Miniwether's Chinese Birth Certificate which is currently in the hands of some low-level office worker at the Houston passport office? Giant fears, like what if the house goes?

I'm so tense I'm vibrating.

Current reports suggest that our house *should* be fine, maybe just some roof damage. Hopefully no windows will break and let the winds in. Miniwether doesn't understand why mommy and daddy are so tense. One the plus side, she's been to our friend's place in Austin where we will be taking refuge. She'll like that. When you are a two-year-old adventurer things like this are fun.

Adventure! Excitment! Controlled Panic!

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