Wednesday, July 13, 2005

These are the places in my neighborhood...

When one looks around one begins to notice places. Places that to some yell "Stay Out". To an adventurer these same places whispher, "Come in." I'm lucky because my neighborhood runs up against the borderlands. But in a few places the borderlands have crept into my neighborhood.

The Burned House:
BurnedFront BurnBack
In January of 2005 a nearby house caught fire under mysterious circumstances. The insurance company has refused to pay for repairs and the owners have disappeared. Seven months later it still stands gutted and broken. The landscaping is dead and weeds have started entering the house through cracked windows and broken doors. The pool is filled with green algae and slowly bobbing lawn furniture. No one appears to have been in the house since the owners left even though the doors are unlocked and many windows have been broken out. Very soon I'll have to go exploring.

The Storm Sewers:
sewer2 sewer1
Before the houses were built, before the roads were put in, giant concrete culverts were buried deep under the neighborhood to flow away the tremendous amounts of rain we receive. They pass unknown beneath living rooms, back yards, and garages for miles as they protect us from flooding. Nothing calls to an adventurer like a big hole in the ground!

Other Mysteries, Unknowns, and Callings
The borderland fingers run through other parts of our neighborhood. There's the abandonned plant nursery on the west side with bamboo and other weird plants running rampant. On the northeast side is the flooded, bottomless gravel pit. And finally, the dam pumphouse.

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