Sunday, July 24, 2005

I think she's ready.

Well, the canoe is fixed up and ready to go! Miniwether and I are very excited. I scraped the registration numbers off the side, but the glue is still there. I may bring something home from work to do a better job of removing that stuff. I tried "GooGone", but that hardly touched the glue. Once the reg. # is completely gone I can put her name there. Okay, I have to actually decide on the name, but once I do it's going on the bow. Adventurers can be a bit vain.

Sadly, we weren't able to try it out this weekend do to scheduling problems with Clark. Next weekend we're heading to Austin to do a little adventuring there. Okay, *very little* adventuring, but a whole lot of partying with the Great and Powerful Oliana! Should be fun, I need a break.

Oh, and yes, this picture was taken in my backyard. Adventurers need trees around them and a path which they can't see to the end. You ought to see the firepit.

Adventure! Excitement! Large, hammer-based repairs!

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Oliana0 said...

It's always an adventure at my house...