Friday, July 22, 2005

Canews (ha ha ha)

Okay, the seat has been rebuilt, waterproofed, and drilled, but not yet attached. The bow point also needs to be fastened down securely so that we can use it as an anchorpoint when tying it to vehicles. Hopefully I'll do that tonight or at worst early tomorrow morning. Clark and I want to test this lady out tomorrow on nearby Woodlands Lake. This lake is populated mostly by kayakers from the surrounding affluent area. I've seen some pretty $$$ kayaks, all kevlar and glass, on this lake. It'll be fun to show up with this ancient canoe. Adventurers really don't fit in well with "polite company". Note, I don't have anything against rich people and I plan on being one some day. I just don't think you can get rich while spending big bucks on toys. Spending money on something that costs money makes you poorer, spending money on something that makes you money makes you richer. If you aren't at the very least taking advantage of IRA stop reading this now and go open one!

How the heck did this turn into a philosophical screed on money?

Anyway, we hope to take the canoe out Saturday. Our families will be along, which will be fun. I can't wait to take Miniwether out in the canoe! She likes sitting in it in the yard and likes looking at boats in the water, but this'll be her first time in a boat on the water. I expect various squeals of delight. I bought her a life jacket yesterday. She thinks it's pretty cool and wore it to check mail last night. Miniwether's life jacket matchs mine (ug, I hate it when parent and kids wear matching outfits!) but I had little choice. The interesting thing is even though her's is a child's-sized version of my life jacket it cost almost twice as much. Go figure. I still need to get a life jacket and paddle for Misseswether. I thought she'd want to pick out her own, but she's leaving it up to me. She did like the one I got for myself so I'm having these horrible visions of all three of us in matching outfits. *shudder* Adventurers are independent souls.

Adventure! Excitement! Exploration!

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