Wednesday, July 06, 2005

California, California...

I hate to say it, but California is probably the most beautiful state I've ever been to. It beats out Vermont in the fall or Hawaii any time of the year. I can understand why people used to consider it to be paradise. If someday the California government backs away from their desire to CONTROL EVERY ASPECT of a person's life I might consider moving there some day. Of course, I don't have any pictures of the beautiful California scenery. Sorry, you'll just have to go there yourself.

As far as Adventure, Excitement, Exploration, not much was done. It was more Eating, Driving, Weddinging! It was basically three days of driving from wedding event to food-based wedding event. Note, I'm not complaining. The food was awesome as usual. Greek and Indian food at the rehersal dinner, Assorted ethnically-diverse courses at the reception, and all the ribs, chicken and assorted Puerto Rican desserts at the family gathering the next day. Mmmmm.

The wedding was a good ol' Catholic event, which meant that Miniwether knew what was going on and how to act. The reception afterwards was held in a totally cool art museum. The only glitch was I forgot to pack a tie. Luckily it was California and I wasn't the only guy tieless.

The only siteseeing we were able to squeeze in was to The Huntington, an awesome art museum and botanical gardens. This place was amazing. We only had about two hours to spend there and only saw a tiny fraction of of what it had to offer. Most of the time was spent in the children's garden which Miniwether absolutely loved. Her favorite part was the "Valley of the Clouds", which was a sunken garden which every five minutes or so became filled with a thick fog. Miniwether couldn't get enough of that. Misseswether was estatic to see "Pinkie" and "The Blue Boy". I was excited to stumble upon "The Gleaners of the Fields", but I can't find a picture of it anywhere. There's a similar one by a French guy named "Millet", but that's not the one I know and love. The painting shows a bunch of serfs picking over an already-harvested field at sundown. It's an awesome painting. After the paintings and garden we stumbled into a library displaying famous works such as original works of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Thereau, and an actual Gutenberg Bible!!!

All in all, it was a nice time but we never ventured into the borderlands.

Wedding IMG_7351 KikisOfTheMist

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