Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's day

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Father's day
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Ah, Father's Day! The day when fathers around the nation kick back and have their every whim catered too. Or, in my case, the day when I got up, made waffles for myself and Miniwether while Misseswether slept. Then we all went to church where Miniwether turned into the Squirmy, the worm that doesn't stop moving! After that we came home and I skipped lunch and began working on the yard. I haven't mowed it in two weeks or weeded in over a month, so it was looking pretty ragged. Four hours of 97F temperatures and non-stop labor I got it looking mostly presentable again, assuming one does not look too close. After that I helped a friend move some furniture, then made my yummy tacos for supper. We all gorged ourselves on the tacos, then I took Miniwether to the community pool. She LOVES that, though it seems her favorite activity there is to be carried back and forth between the kiddie pool and the big pool. We did this for almost two hours, then back home to call my dad. He's the one who blessed me with my desire for adventure, excitment, and exporation. He's the biggest hunter/fisher you'll ever meet. Growing up he always took us camping, fishing, hunting and generally made sure we knew our way around the borderlands. He was big into Scouts and later helped develop Capable Partners, a group dedicated to helping handicapped sportsmen (and women) get back out hunting and fishing. His idea of fun (when not hunting/fishing) is to get into the car and drive off to some other state from their home in Minnesota. He had one car that covered over 300,000 miles in travels running from Florida to Alaska to Texas (with assorted side trips to Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, etc...). Oh man, the stories I could tell about my Dad!

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