Thursday, June 02, 2005

Adventures in formal wear

Well, this coming weekend will bring and adventure of a totally different type. Miniwether has been invited to a party at the residence of the head of the Chinese consulate in Houston. June 1st was "Children's Day" in China and so the Chinese consulate is holding a party for children adopted from China. It should be interesting and I'm looking forward to meeting the head Chinese honcho. It is always good to have powerful friends in far-off places if you are an adventurer. I spent my 36th birthday climbing the Great Wall of China. Who knows, maybe next time I can ride a camel through the Gobi desert? Yeah, I dream big, but it keeps me young. I'll get pictures up after the event.

Oh, and it isn't a tuxedo event, I just liked the title. Sounded kind of James Bond-ish, didn't it?

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