Friday, May 27, 2005

Inflatable boats

About a month ago Clark and I rented a canoe to further explore the borderland waterways. We had a most excellent adventure and saw many areas that begged further exploration. Since then we've been pricing canoes in hopes of finding one that'd fit our pocketbooks (in other words, one cheap enough for our wives would let us get!). So far no luck. I was in Big Lots over the weekend and saw they had a selection of inflatable boats ranging from one-man up to four-man rafts. The biggest, most expensive one was only $20. We figure at that price they are almost disposable (Oh, bad American!) and that they would lead to a great adventure. If they survived the trip downriver they'd be worth it and if they didn't survive then we'd have an even more exciting tale to tell! Seems win-win to me. Clark is fairly tall but wirey and so he'll get by with a $10 two-man boat. I'm 6'5" and weigh 200lbs without gear, so I'll be going for the four-man boat. I'm little concerned about how long it'll take to inflate the boats with my little car-adapter powered air compressor, but what they hey. If need be we can inflate them with my regular compressor and carry them through town to the borderlands. I suspect at this point most neighbors wouldn't even bat an eye at us.

This should be fun. The first (hopefully of many) trip won't happen this weekend. Probably not until late June and that's assuming the water levels stay high enough. Adventure! Excitement! Exploration!

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