Sunday, May 22, 2005

Adventure Weekend

It was a good weekend of adventures. Friday night Misseswether, Miniwether and I camped out. Sure, it was only in the backyard, but Miniwether had a blast. She's not even two but she's a great camper. She helped Misseswether put up the tent, then went right to sleep at bedtime. Me and Misseswether stayed up watching the campfire and talking for hours.
I had made a little terracotta pipe out of some clay I found along a streambank in the borderlands and was baking it in the fire. It heated unevenly causing some cracks, but it fired in principle. I've brought home a lot of this red clay and will try to make a small pot next.

IMG_7059 IMG_7062
Saturday morning found Me and Miniwether feeding fish and squirrels at a nearby park. There are swarms of turtles, giant koi, and sunfish in a pond at a nearby park. Every Saturday morning Miniwether and I go there to feed them.

Sunday morning my adventure friend Clark and I headed out into the borderlands at 5:30am. The weather was already hot and very humid but as the sun rose a wind rose with it cooling things off a tiny bit. We hiked through the borderlands for four hours following a series of drying creek beds. Blackberries are starting to ripen and the raccoons were out in force. We didn't actually see any but their tracks were everywhere along with those of deer, possums, turtles, snakes, and mice. Better still, we discovered what appears to be the best secret fishing hole I've ever seen. There were dozens of large fish skeletons in a pile near a large, unmarked pond. There was also a catfish head that measured over 12" across at the widest. Amazing. A little farther in we discovered a pile of freshly fileted white bass guts! Whoever had caught them had been there just minutes before we came on the spot.

Soon after that discovery we bushwacked over to Spring Creek and followed it back to the edge of town. From there it was a several block walk back to our homes. We got some odd stares from people who didn't know us, but most of our neighbors are used to seeing us trudge by mud covered, old army fatigues (hey, cheap and durable!). We were back to our homes by 9:30am and made it to church smelling vaguely of deep forest. By noon thermometers in this area were breaking the heat record at 96 F. It was HOT HOT HOT! Even in the shade of old groves the heat was penetrating. The borderlands will be a tough place to explore in the coming months, but hey, that's what we do!

Oh, we never did make it to the "X". We got close, but that area turned out to be pretty boring, so we turned south into the woods. It turned out to be a much better choice. It is so unbelievably beautiful there.

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